Managing your data so it will be available when you want it.





Manage, search, explore and analyze survey data.

Built using open-source software, Divata is a computational system that provides organizations with the ability to organize and share their data collections with staff, clients, students, and the public. The purpose of Divata is to provide a practical, cost effective way to capture, organize and locate questions, variables, and data from previous survey projects and provide ways to explore, visualize and report results. To learn more about Divata core features and powerful tools and for a demo or a test run, email us today!

Data Archiving

Practical steps to establish & maintain archives

Data Independence provides consultation for new and existing archives on pragmatic approaches  to data archiving. This includes data processing options, preservation standards, access issues, assessment of current practices; establishing best practices, staffing the archiving team; and sustainability. Large data collections or boutique data archives, DI can provide answers. 


Value-added Services

Maximize the Utility of Your Data

Data Management for Accessibility
      Review of resources and data needs
      Develop data and metadata requirements to support access

Sustainability Models
      Internal and external data services 
      Fee based business models                   Membership development

Data Recovery                    
      Reformatting for access and flexibility    Media recovery

Metadata and Tagging
      Customized rich metadata                      Transform  data structures
      Layering technology for access purposes

Data Cleaning
      Completeness - Accuracy - Labeling

We understand you...

Many organizations experience data management issues that inhibit their ability to locate previously collected materials. However, often these issues are not purely technical in nature, but rather a cultural effect of the fast-paced operations that make them so successful.

We take a multidimensional approach, respecting management priorities, organizational culture, and resource limitations—both human and financial.  We start with your highest priorities and through an iterative process, we develop a road map for achieving your objectives.


Contact us  today to see how we can help you leverage your data resources.